What does the Adapt-g measure?

Using the Item Response Theory (IRT), Adapt-g is an efficient way of yielding maximum information in minimum time.
The Adapt-g has been developed to assess verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability.

  • Verbal Reasoning: - Measuring vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using words, this test is appropriate for all jobs requiring verbal ability, such as: administrative staff, sales, analysts and executives.
  • Numerical Reasoning: - Measuring ability and understanding of numerical concepts, including perception of logical relationships between them. This assessment is appropriate for all jobs which require numerical ability, such as: accountants, financial advisors, sales positions.
  • Abstract Reasoning: - Measuring the ability to understand abstract logical relationships, this is the purest form of mental ability assessment and is least impacted by previous achievement and education. This assessment is appropriate for all jobs which require logical analysis.


The Adapt-g is an assessment applicable to all ability levels and tailors itself to the level of respondent. This allows for no more judgement based decisions of which ability level assessment to use.

An advantage of the Adapt-g is identifying employees who might benefit from further training, those you demonstrate the potential for promotion and applicants who have the minimum level of ability necessary for a role.

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the following assessment.

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