Critical Reasoning Test Battery

What does the Critical Reasoning Test Battery measure?

The CRTB2 and CRTBi assessments have been developed to assess the core ability of critical reasoning.

The CRTB2 and CRTBI are able to measure Verbal Critical Reasoning: Measuring the ability to understand and subsequently draw logical conclusions from complex reports.

A key assessment for professional and managerial roles which need accurate interpretation of written reports and rational decision making

CRTB2 and CRTBi can identify people who:

  • Weigh up evidence logically
  • Identify tends in data
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Make well-informed business decisions
  • Isolate the key points in an argument
  • Assimilate all the evidence
  • Process information quickly
  • Quickly comprehends statistical information


Critical Reasoning Test Battery is quicker to administer than many other critical reasoning tests, which the verbal and numerical sub-tests taking around 40 minutes.

Applicants prefer these tests in comparison to traditional reasoning tests. This is because they contain problems which are relevant to their level of working - management and business functions.

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the following JTI assessments.

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