Graduate Reasoning Test (GRT1)

What the Graduate Reasoning Test measures

Our Graduate Reasoning Test (GRT1) assesses high level reasoning ability. Suited to graduate level and management level employees, this assessment consists of three sections - Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning which can be administered together or individually.


The GRT1 is able to provide a comprehensive assessment of high level mental ability.

As mental ability is regularly found to be the single best predictor of job performance, the GRT1 is seen as an essential tool for cost-effective graduate selection.

GRT1 can identify people who:

  • Take poorly reasoned decisions
  • Have a poor vocabulary
  • Make numerical errors
  • Fail to solve problems
  • Fail to grasp abstract ideas
  • Misuse words
  • Are slow to understand issues
  • Are confused by numerical problems (EI)
  • Perform complex numerical computations
  • Are quick thinking
  • Reason logically
  • Are able to quickly grasp high abstract concepts
  • Are effective problem solvers
  • Quickly benefit from training
  • Understand numerical problems

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the GRT1 assessments.

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