Jung Type Indicator

What does the Jung Type Indicator measure?

As an alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® the Jung Type Indicator (JTI) works within Jung's framework of Psychological Type to assess personality.

Along with identifying an individual's preferred Type, the JTI takes a scaled approach to each dimension in order to give a more detailed description of preference when compared to most Type indicators.

Jung's model of Psychological Type allows us to identify dimensions of preference:

  • Extraversion Vs Introversion (EI)
  • Thinking Vs Feeling (TF)
  • Sensing Vs Intuiting (SN)
  • Judging Vs Perceiving (JP) - this identifies a person’s dominant preference towards the world as either a judging attitude (T or F) or a perceiving attitude (S or N).


The JTI is able to assess an individual's preferences and how they impact on areas which include interpersonal style, problem-solving and thinking styles.

This is particularly effective for enhancing communication, team building, personal development and guidance which can be a valuable tool when it comes to facilitating development programmes and training.

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the following JTI assessments.

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