Learning Style Inventory

What does the Learning Style Inventory measure?

Learning Style Inventory (LSI) assesses an individual's learning style, enabling them to identify the strategies they least and most prefer to adopt when intaking new material.

LSI measures 6 learning styles, falling into 3 pairs of opposing approaches to learning:

  • A preference for learning from the abstract rather than practical examples.
  • A preference for focusing on the bigger picture before learning the fine detail, as opposed the opposite - preferring to focus on the core elements of the subject and build an understanding of how these elements are related to each other from the ground up.
  • A preference for learning via discussion, hands-on activity and experimentation versus learning via quiet contemplation.


A self-development tool, the LSI aims to help each person maximise their learning potential by enabling them to tailor their approach to learning, in order to match their strengths.

A non-threatening framework, which allows individuals to explore self-development, it was developed on the premise that all learning styles have both strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for Learning Style Inventory

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