Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro)

What does OPPro measure?

Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro) has been developed from vast international research to provide detailed assessment of nine core personality traits which are of importance in customer facing roles.

Backed by an extensive raft of evidence supporting its reliability and validity, the OPPro is a strong tool for selection, promotion and career training.


Quick and simple to administer, whilst providing detailed personality assessments, the OPPro is an ideal and practical tool for assessing how an individual acts and feels in an occupational setting.

A straight forward questionnaire, the OPPro is accessible to people with a variety of abilities.

The personality dimensions which are measured by the OPPro provide a detailed assessment of thinking style, interpersonal style and patterns of coping with stress, and have been selected for their occupational relevance.
These characteristics are crucial when it comes to determining counter-productive and productive behaviours in your organisation.

The Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro) assessment is able to identify people who are:

  • Tactless and blunt
  • Rigid and unbending
  • Submissive and avoidant
  • Negative and defeatist
  • Moody and irascible
  • Disorganised and chaotic
  • Shy and retiring
  • Naïve and candid
  • Sensitive and gullible
  • Stress prone
  • Stable and composed
  • Meticulous and systematic
  • Lively and Gregarious
  • Able to foster trusting relationships
  • Socially astute
  • Enjoy rising to a challenge
  • Diplomatic and persuasive
  • Resilient
  • Tough-minded and realistic

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the following JTI assessments.

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