Values and Motives Inventory (VMI)

What does the Values and Motives Inventory measure?

The Values and Motives Inventory (VMI) is a normative self-report questionnaire which allows us to profile an individual's motivations, in order to determine how much effort and energy they are likely to expend via different activities.

VMI scales have been selected not only for their relevance to the workplace


VMI is able to provide a reliable and comprehensive assessment of personal values and motives. Used as part of an assessment battery or on its own, this assessment is a strong fit for development, selection or team-building.

This report is produced perfect for giving directly to the respondent as it is provided in a profile and narrative format.

The 12 VMI scales are grouped into three areas:

  • Interpersonal - values which influence an individual's approach to relationships with others.
  • Intrinsic - values relating to personal benefits and attitudes which guide an individual approach to everyday problems.
  • Extrinsic - values which influence behaviour in the workplace.

Assessment reports

The following online reports are available for the following assessment.

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