10 Reasons to quit your job

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We’ve all had times when our job can start to get a little stale, lose its appeal and become a chore to get out of bed for.

Are you finding yourself in a job that you no longer look forward to? Those project meetings you used to get excited about, now filling you with dread? Hitting your targets seems like a waste of time with no real reward? We get it. We’ve been there. Maybe things will improve… but are you really prepared to wait!?

1. You dread going into work (and not just on Mondays)

Does the thought of going to work fill you with the upmost dread? Do you find yourself wondering how you’re going to make it through another day doing the same tasks? If the thought of arriving to your job no longer gets you excited then it’s time to re-evaluate. Why? Is it something that can be resolved by speaking to your boss? Or has your passion gone for the role that you’re in?

2. There’s no room for progression

When you first started the role there were plenty of talks for progression in the not-too-distant future, but the reality is anything but. Every time you think you’re close to moving on to the next step in your career, management always seem to find a way of extending the goal posts.

3. The best part of your job is seeing your work mates

If you start to feel that the only good part of your working life is seeing your work mates, then there is a problem. Sure we all love seeing our friends and having a quick catch up before work and at lunch, but if the only reason you stay with the company is because you’d miss your work mates too much, then now is the time to leave before your work mates do!

4. The company just isn’t invested in you

You’re willing to work your way up the career ladder but you get the sense that the company just isn’t invested in you and what you offer the business. Feel familiar? Then you need to raise it with your Manager immediately. Explain your concerns and how you want to ensure you are doing everything management need from you in order to be seen as a valued member of the team.

5. You’re bored all the time

Do you find yourself bored doing the same things, day in day out and work tasks no longer excite you like they did at the beginning? This can be a tricky one, because despite being bored you are good at what you do, so it can be frustrating that you no longer enjoy it. Before jumping ship, is there anything you can do to spice up your role and make it more exciting? Think outside the box and discover what more you could do that not only adds value but reminds you why you started the job in the first place.

6. The company culture isn’t a good fit for you

We all tend to have a few close work colleagues, made up of the people we work closely with every day. These relationships are important as they allow you to feel bonded as a team, which encourages work productivity. Despite this, maybe the overall company culture just isn’t a match for you. If your personal values and behaviours don’t align with the overall business then it is hard to see how you can continue to work in that environment. Finding a job that has the right company culture for you is necessary to grow and develop a thriving career.

7. You’ve learnt nothing new recently in your role

Despite showing your willingness, you never get the opportunity to learn something new and build upon your skills. You often feel restricted in your role and worry that you will never be able to reach your full potential. If this sounds like you then you need to take a step back and look at why this is the case. First, take a look at yourself and how you’re currently managing your work load. Are you working to the best of your ability? Do you have time to learn something new and work it into your current day? If yes, speak to your Manager about adding this into your work schedule.

8. You procrastinate more than you’re actually working

Need to finish a project but find yourself putting it off and focusing on less important tasks? This is a common trait of someone who is starting to lose interest in their job and doesn’t value their work. We all have days where we aren’t as focused as others, but if you find yourself regularly choosing quick wins over the most important tasks, then you need to re-evaluate if the job is right for you.

9. You are constantly justifying your job

When you meet up with your friends and they’re telling you all about their high flying jobs and how much they love doing their work – it’s hard not to get envious and worse, defensive. You start defending your job and justifying why you stay in a role that you’ve outgrown – the pay is good, or the 4’oclock Friday finish, the commission structure – all things that you can easily find somewhere else. Instead of getting defensive, be open to advice on what route could be next for you and discuss what you need from a role for you to truly enjoy it. Friends can serve as a great sounding board and offer the support you need to find the role that suits you.

10. The targets you’re working towards feel meaningless to you compared with your wider goals

You‘ve got solid long term career goals but you feel that your day-to-day objectives don’t help you reach them. This constant cycle of feeling like you’re getting nowhere is leaving you feeling demotivated and frustrated. The first step to a resolution is to speak to your Manager and see if there is a way you can focus on more important tasks that will allow you to achieve your main goals. Take this opportunity to discuss where you see your role progressing and ask what you need to do to get there. If your Manager isn’t willing to accommodate your needs for the role then a new job is exactly what you need.

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