When is it time to quit your job?

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You’ve finally decided that the job you’re currently in isn’t right for you. After reading our 10 warning signs it’s time to quit your job, it’s cemented your decision. However, before you hand in your resignation first read our 10 best times to quit your job below and make sure that you aren’t hindering your chances of career success.

1. When you don’t have a new job lined up:

People can often stay in a job even though they hate it because they don’t have another one lined up. Yet if you sign up to a recruitment agency you can have interviews lined up by next week, so there’s really no excuse.

2. When you’re about to get a promotion:

Don’t fall into the trap of staying with a company because you are promised a promotion. If you dislike the job to the point you want to leave, getting a promotion will do little to change that. If anything, it will add more pressure onto an already stressful working life.

3. When you’re unsure what you want to do next:

Not everyone knows exactly what career path they wish to take. Deciding to quit your current role can make you feel anxious for the unknown but it can often be the push you need to try something new and find what you love.

4. When you’re working on an important project you’re passionate about:

The thought of not finishing a project that you started is making you thinking twice about handing your notice in. But what you need to remember is that despite this project you are still unhappy and the project won’t last forever but your dream job could have passed you by.

5. When you’re about to get your bonus:

You’ve worked hard to ensure you’ve hit all your targets to receive your bonus this quarter but you know that resigning will mean that bonus won’t land in your next pay-check. It can be frustrating but you need to think long term. What you’ll miss out in your bonus you could make up in a higher salary or progression routes over the coming months.

6. When you don’t have emergency money to support you:

This can be tricky. If you are living pay-check to pay-check this can leave you feeling vulnerable and trapped in a role that you no longer thrive in. But don’t let money be the reason you stay. Look at positions that offer a salary increase and cut back on your spending to ensure that you can afford the cross over period of switching roles.

7. When you’ve had a bust up with your boss or co-worker:

Firstly, we want to state that arguing with your boss or colleagues is never a good idea. However, having regularly bust ups might just highlight an irresolvable issue. Make sure that you kiss and make up but realise that it’s a work environment that you are best getting out of.

8. When you’re not mentally ready to job search:

Getting your head in the game to look for a new job can be daunting and overwhelming at the best of times. But when you really want to leave your current job it can seem more pressing and stressful than ever before.

Again, using a recruitment agency could be the answer. If you register your CV here, a recruitment consultant will get in touch with any jobs that match your skill set.

9. When you still have holidays left to use:

It can be frustrating to think you have holidays still left to take that you will miss out on but you need to remember that once you are in a new job that you love, taking time off won’t seem a priority. Enjoying your day-to-day working life and not wanting to escape it at every opportunity is far more important that the few days you might be missing out on.

10. When the Christmas season begins:

Money can be tight during this period, but it can actually be the best time to find a new role. Read our previous post on why Christmas is the perfect time to job hunt.

So there you have it! All your excuses why you need to stay in the job you hate, resolved! Don’t waste your energy and time in a job that doesn’t give you what you need in your career. Good luck!

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