10 Ways to be happier at work

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Being happy at work – the goal we all wish to conquer. Whilst there’s no secret recipe to staying in a constant state of happiness (oh how we wish there were) below we have put together a little starter pack full of tips and tricks to help you on the road to success and happiness in the workplace…

1. Dress for success:

Whether you have a formal or casual dress code be sure to have key pieces that you feel confident wearing. If you have a meeting with your boss or you’re being introduced to a new client, wear an outfit you know looks good that you ooze confidence in.

Tip: Always iron your outfit the night before and leave it hanging up, this way you avoid the morning rush around.

2. Maintain a healthy diet (but allow for office treats):

Eating healthy can be a struggle for us all, especially if the smell of bacon butties on your daily walk to work is strong. Pack a lunch full of fruit for grazing throughout the day and a big hearty lunch like pasta or chicken and rice to leave you feeling fuller for longer. Don’t stop yourself from enjoying treats on Friday though, just avoid over indulging.

3. Drink plenty of water:

We know you’ve heard it before but it can’t be overlooked – staying hydrated is key.

4. Create a to-do list:

Prioritise your work load at the start of the day. Mark the top three things that you need to complete before you finish for the evening. Make note of the small tasks that can be completed quickly and reserve an hour to get these boxed off before taking your lunch, leaving the afternoon free to finish the larger, more important tasks. Why not treat yourself to some fancy stationary to encourage the creative juices to flow.

5. Arrive early to make your mornings count:

This is especially important if you have a busy day ahead. Complete as many tasks as you can in the time you arrive earlier, to save up those extra minutes throughout the day allowing you to clock off at a decent hour.

6. Maintain a positive attitude:

This can be tough. But it’s vital to keeping your head above water and doing your work to a high standard. It can often seem that you receive no recognition for the hard work you are putting in but remember it can be a long road to success, especially within a large company.

7. Know your worth:

Tying in with the above point, make sure you know your worth. Write down your progress and the key achievements you’ve accomplished within the company, so when it comes to your yearly review you can identify and outline your successes and put forward why you are valuable to the business.

8. Reward yourself:

When all else fails, reward yourself. Had your eye on that expensive handbag? Been browsing a weekend away with the boys? Set yourself targets you want to achieve within a certain time frame and smash them. You can’t always rely on your managers to spot every single thing you do well but you know the hard work you put in and it deserves to be rewarded.

9. Learn something new:

This point doesn’t necessarily mean within work. Spending time outside of work learning something new, can really allow you to focus your energy at work and give you the ability to keep your mind activated on something different that has alternative positive benefits.

10. Know when to move on:

Last but not least. Be sure to know when it is the right time to move on to another role with a new company. Maybe you are doing well but aren’t being challenged enough. Maybe you have been with the same business for years and you would like the opportunity to meet new people and gain different skills. Don’t be afraid to see what opportunities are out there.

The unknown can be scary, but staying in a job that no longer makes you happy shows and affect your personal life too. There is a whole world of opportunities out there waiting for you to discover. Don’t waste years in the wrong role – sign up to a recruitment agency and let them help you find the job of your dreams.

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