18 STRANGEST reasons ever given to cancel an interview

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We’ve rounded up the STRANGEST reasons ever given to cancel an interview

Cancelling a job interview can happen for various reasons, some of which may seem strange or unusual. Here are a few examples of some of the strangest reasons ever given to cancel an interview:

1. Psychic revelation 🔮

A candidate cancelled their interview claiming they had a vision from a psychic who warned them that the job was cursed.

2. Alien abduction 👽

An individual called to cancel their interview, stating they had been abducted by aliens the night before and needed some time to recover from the experience.

3. Winning the lottery 💰

Someone cancelled an interview because they had won a substantial amount of money in the lottery and decided they no longer needed to work. (who can blame them)

4. A heavy night 🍻

A candidate called to say they were out last night and were still too drunk to drive.

5. Make good use of that one phone call 📞

A person cancelled their interview having been arrested that morning

6. Fear of pigeons 🐦

A person cancelled their interview, revealing an intense phobia of pigeons and explaining that they had seen a flock of them near the company’s office, causing extreme anxiety.

7. Moon phases 🌛

A candidate rescheduled their interview, stating they preferred to attend during a specific moon phase that they believed would bring them better luck.

8. Cat-related emergency 🐱

An individual called to cancel their interview, explaining that their cat had accidentally locked them inside a room, and they were unable to attend the interview as a result.

9. Psychic hotlines 🔮

A candidate called to cancel their interview, explaining they had just spent their entire savings on a psychic hotline and were advised to avoid any job opportunities for the time being.

10. Superstitious reasons 🐈‍⬛

A candidate cancelled their interview due to a series of superstitious beliefs, including a fear of the number 13 and a belief that the interview date would bring bad luck.

11. Where am I ⁉️

An individual called to cancel an interview saying they had just woken up in someone’s house and they had no idea who they were or where they were.

12. Amazon.co.uk 🎁

A candidate cancelled an interview because they needed to stay I the house today to wait for a parcel.

13. Court appearance 👩🏻‍⚖️

With no prior mention of it, someone called to say they had forgotten that they were due in court today.

14. My iPhone 📵

A text was received to cancel an interview which said “sorry, my iPhone broke and I’d forgotten where to go”.

15. Wet behind the ears 💦

Someone cancelled an interview because a car drove by and splashed an entire puddle over them.

16. I’m on holiday 😎

A candidate concluded an interview because they had forgotten they were on holiday in Australia.

17. Voicemail ☎️

A voicemail received at 4am saying they were too ill to attend today’s interview with loud clubbing music playing in the background.

18. Text the wrong person 🤳🏻

Message 1: “Sorry, I’m ill can we reschedule?”

Message 2: “Hello mate, just sacked off that interview, pub sounds good.”

While these reasons may appear strange or uncommon, it’s important to approach such situations with understanding and professionalism. If you need to reschedule or even cancel an interview then just be honest with the recruitment agency representing you and call them as soon as you know. Afterall, you never know when you might need their help in the future.

On a more serious note, if you need advice on how to prepare for your interviews check out our Interview Guide.

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