5 Reasons to work in Hospitality

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Are you considering a career in hospitality but unsure if it would be the right move for you? Take a look at these 5 reasons why a career in Hospitality could work for you!

1. Meet New People Every Day

If you’re a people person, working in hospitality is the ideal career path for you. You’ll meet like minded people with a passion for the industry similar to yourself and gain a new set of friends on the job much quicker than you would in a standard office role. The hospitality industry tends not to hire unfriendly people (obviously) so you’ll have the perfect opportunity to meet some of the liveliest, vibrant and fun characters – who will more than likely become your best friends!

2. Exciting Job Prospects

Working in Hospitality can open a variety of avenues that you might never have considered before, like becoming a waiter, a budding chef, a hotel manager and even a good ole recruiter like us! Rumour has it that job growth for retail, hospitality and service managers is expected to be above average over the coming years – so choosing a job in the hospitality sector has never made so much sense.

3. It’s Universal

That’s right, having experience within Hospitality not only opens doors across the country but across the World! Your skills are transferable and can propel your career to the next level if you so wish. Maybe you want to travel in the near future but you’re worried that you don’t have the right skill set to survive? With knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry you can make a living anywhere – because everyone needs food and a nice place to sleep, right?

4. Not A ‘Boring’ 9-5 Job

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to survive the mundane 9-5 routine. Waking up at the same hour, commuting to the same office, clocking off at the same time (unless you have to work overtime) EVERYDAY can get stale. Fast. This is why working in Hospitality can be a blessing to those of you who fancy a bit of variety in your working week. You’ll be thankful for the lie ins or the days off during the week where you can do nothing but watch re-runs of Game of Thrones in your PJs, in peace.

5. There Are Plenty Of Perks

It is a well known fact that the Hospitality industry offer some of the best perks around. And although this really shouldn’t be the sole purpose that you decide to work in hospitality, we can’t help but make a special note of it. Pays competitive, bonus packages are generous (assuming you meet financial targets) but the real perks are those hard-to-get reservations or the discounted (free) food and drink deals you get to bag for you and your friends (you didn’t hear that from us!).

Although working in hospitality has its drawbacks so does every industry, you’ve just got to find out whether a career in hospitality could work for you!

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