7 skills for a successful career in Logistics

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Working in the logistics industry you need to have a certain set of skills to not only get into the field but succeed within it. Here at Detail2, we spoke to our logistic specialists and asked what skills are required when they are looking to recruit logistic professionals for our well-known clients. Below is a list of the top 7;

1. Extensive industry knowledge:
Our recruiters look for candidates who have a clear knowledge of their industry. Having a vast knowledge and genuine interest in your sector, enhances your capability of making beneficial decisions within your role.

2. Commercial awareness:
Having commercial awareness of the sector that you’re currently working in, is key to positioning yourself above others. If you have a deep understanding of your industry, you’re in a position where you can see what is happening in the world and how this might impact your field.

3. Team player:
Working within the logistics realm you need to be a keen team player to ensure the overall success of the allocated tasks. Being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual players will allow you to utilise your skills and work together to create great results.

4. Communication:
Having good communication skills is a sign of a true leader. If you can communicate well within your team, both verbal and non-verbal, you are half way there to creating a healthy working environment that your team can thrive in and deliver the best outcomes.

5. Problem solver:
There is nothing worse than being the person who points out all the things that are wrong with something but doesn’t work to offer a solution that could help the situation. To work in the logistics sector you need to have the ability to focus on solving potential problems that could be a great risk to business.

6. Self-management:
Being able to self-manage yourself is a valuable skill that can have a huge difference within your logistics career. Taking accountability for how you organise your workload, the level of work you produce and the timings in which you deliver, all highlight you as an asset to any organisation.

7. Critical thinking:
As a critical thinker you will have the ability to look at a situation and analyse beyond what you see at face value. In understanding what factors might have an influence on a situation leave you at an advantage, as you’re able to deal with things head on and work out possible solutions.

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