8 reasons why you should use a recruiter to find a new job

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Struggling to find that dream job? Stuck trawling though job boards with no success? If this screams you, then carry on reading!

Recruitment companies work hard to place candidates in various roles. With their extensive industry knowledge, it’s a no-brainer to utilise them in your job search.

Below are our top 8 reasons why you should register your CV with a recruitment agency today!

1. They want you to succeed:

It’s easy to forget that consultants have a lot riding on your success. If a consultant effectively places you in a role, they have helped you and the client they are working for. Hence, consultants work really hard to ensure that your CV stands out, that you’re fully prepped for interview, and that you land the role.

Recruitment companies, such as Detail2Recruitment, provide a service that guides you smoothly through your job search. Furthermore, they carry on helping after you have landed the role, seeing you through to the end of any probation stages set by your new employer.

2. Exclusive roles:

Guess what? Some premium branded organisations choose to only advertise via specialist recruitment companies. If you are registered with an updated CV, you may be contacted regarding these opportunities.

So, not only do recruitment companies support you with vacancies that you have applied for, they may increase your career prospects by headhunting you for exclusive roles!

3. They Offer Resignation Support:

Leaving a job can be just as hard, if not harder, than finding one! Quite often people worry about their manager’s reaction, especially when they are relying on them for a reference. This is where the work of a recruitment consultant can really help. Not only will they offer resignation support, they will gain references from your previous employers for you, and help you to leave the company on good terms.

From writing your resignation letter, to completing your probation period at your new place of work, recruitment agencies like Detail2Recruitment support you every step of the way!

4. They specialise in your industry:

Whether you are a Store Manager or a Head Chef, there are recruitment agencies – such as Detail2Recruitment – that specialise in your field of work. If truth be told, the recruitment consultants themselves have usually been in your shoes! They have previously worked in the roles that you desire and have been through the same recruitment process.

If there’s anyone who’s qualified to offer you employment support, it’s definitely a recruitment consultant.

5. You can ask any questions:

Have you ever clicked ‘Apply’ without actually reading the job description? You are not alone… analysing job specifications can be tiresome and time consuming.

Thankfully, recruitment companies like Detail2Recruitment understand. You are welcome to ask any questions to ascertain whether the role is right for you! Moreover, if you’re unsure what to wear to your interview, or how to make your way there, recruitment companies will work to find out all the details for you.

Definitely a huge weight off your shoulders!

6. They sell you, for you!

Have you ever downplayed your achievements because you felt awkward selling yourself in an interview?

Have you ever completed an interview feeling as if you were boastful and rude?

Recruitment consultants understand both ends of this spectrum, and thankfully are in constant contact with the employer to ensure that you are perfectly represented throughout the whole recruitment process.

Detail2Recruitment also ensure that you receive feedback at various stages of the recruitment process, helping you to hone in on any possible improvements.

7. They make the most of your time:

After getting to know your background, it’s possible that a recruitment agency can inform you of 20 suitable jobs in the time that it takes you to find a handful online. Detail2Recruitment have hundreds of current vacancies at their fingertips, therefore, taking 5 minutes to register your CV can be very rewarding!

8. Your cash isn’t needed:

It’s no word of a lie… Detail2Recruitment, amongst many other recruitment agencies, don’t charge their candidates a penny. Recruitment services are paid for by the candidate hungry clients.

After all, searching for a new job is difficult enough, let alone when being charged to do so.

What should I do now?

Simple! Register your CV with a specialist recruitment agency and increase your chances of employment. Then, relax with a good brew and let us coach you through the recruitment process towards success.

Good Luck!

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