How do you ask for that overdue job promotion?

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Do you love your job? Are you comfortable at the level you are at?

A promotion is one of the things you need to keep you motivated in your working life. However, the big problem for many is, how do you go about asking for one?

Here are some tips to get you on the road to a job promotion:

1. Always ask for feedback

You need to make it clear to your supervisor that you are keen to progress to the next step. It is essential to ask for regular catch up meetings to monitor your progress and to ask for feedback on projects or any new responsibilities you have taken on. You need to make it clear when you are acting on the feedback you have received.

However, try not to annoy your supervisor – make it a natural part of your working life rather than a chore. Don’t become too eager!

2. Focus on the future

Make it obvious to your supervisor that you are here for the long run and have no intention of leaving any time soon.

You need to show them you are in this for the long haul – you can do this by volunteering to undertake some long-term projects. Always put yourself forward and use it as a chance to shine and showcase all of the skills that make you fit for that job promotion!

3. Become indispensable

Make yourself an integral part of the company – be the team member that came up with that money saving strategy, be the brains behind that new product launch or be the employee who came up with that new system that is working perfectly.

Don’t forget to keep note of all the brilliant things you’ve achieved, so that when it does come to speaking about that job promotion, you’ve got all the evidence as to why you deserve it.

4. Ask for it

Stats show that just:

‘7% of women and 57% of men will ask for a job promotion’

Once you’ve done all of the above, ask for a meeting with your supervisor and tell them your career goals, what you’ve been working on for the past few months and ask what your chances of progression are.

If the answer isn’t right now, don’t think your hard work has gone to waste – ask for the reasons behind the ‘not right now’ in order to develop the skills you need to work on.

Remember, it is important to keep your options open! If you’ve had your eye on a certain position within your current company, frustration can start to kick in if you’re constantly being overlooked for the role.

Make sure to listen to offers from other companies, or apply for external roles similar to the one you would like to be in.

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