How to learn to love your new job

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How to learn to love your new job

Starting a new job is exciting but can also be very daunting for most people. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of ‘I don’t like this’ when you don’t fully know what you are doing straight away. At first, you won’t know everybody or understand all the company processes you need to go through but that’s normal.

It’s important to stick it out and learn to love your new job. Below we’ve listed a few tips to help you along the way.

Accept you won’t know everything straight away

Coming from a position where you understand your role inside out and you had figured the business dynamics out; starting a new role can be a strange feeling. It’s understandable that it can cause lots of unease and even a sense of insecurity, but remember, you’re not expected to know everything right away. Don’t be afraid to say if you don’t understand something or that you need clarification on things that you have been told to do.

Ask questions

Now is the perfect time to ask questions. Don’t be worried about what your colleagues or boss might think – Don’t forget you’re new so how else are you meant to learn?

Don’t wait to find out, it could hinder your ability to do your job. You can also make notes if you need to so that you can refer back to them later. This will ease off the pressure of the feeling of repeatedly asking questions that could begin to irritate somebody. Having the confidence to say when you’re unsure builds confidence in your manager, as they will know you won’t waste valuable time being unclear.

Find a mentor

Looking for a mentor can be a great way to guide you through the first few weeks of your employment. A senior colleague who is reliable, confident and shows initiative is an example of a good employee.

They could also land you a promotion in the future (if you are eligible) as they may be willing to vouch for you if the opportunity arises.

Stay positive

The most important – changing jobs is a challenge and can come with a mix of emotions. Transitioning into a new role can come with various obstacles but a positive attitude will help you overcome these difficulties and present you as an optimistic person.

Whether it’s taking a while to fit in with your new colleagues or think you’re working at a slower pace than you’d like, it’s important to remain positive.

You will eventually feel relaxed and fall into a comfortable routine at your new job but it will come with time.

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