Relocating for work? 6 questions to ask yourself before the big move

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Often when we have our minds set on looking for a new role, we are tempted by a number of things; salary, bonus, benefits, progression opportunities, weekends off etc. All reasonable things to consider and will often have a positive impact on your work life. However, when it comes to the bigger moves like relocation, things can get a little tricky. You can’t always be 100% certain that relocating for a job is going to be the right step. So with this in mind, we have put together the key things you need to consider before committing to the big move.

1. Have you met the team?

Scheduling in time to meet your potential new team is very important. Meeting your new colleagues and introducing yourself can really make all the difference in your final decision. Is this a team you can see yourself working with over the next few years? Do they have the skills and expertise that you could learn from to expand your own skill set? You have to work with these people for the foreseeable future so you need to make sure they are a team you can add value to and vice versa. These are also likely to be the first people you know in your new location so also consider whether you would socialise with the people you will be working with.

2. Will it work for your family?

It can be easy to make a decision based on what you feel. But will the move work for your whole family? Uprooting your whole family can be tough, especially if you have young children so it needs to be a decision made together with your partner. Not only will it take a toll on you financially but it can be emotionally draining. Where will your other half work? Will your kids need to move schools? Do you have friends and family already based in the location? Think carefully.

3. Is the role really right for you?

As soon as we decide that we want a new role, it’s easy to just be tempted by the first job that comes along, but is it really right for you? At Detail2Recruitment, our days are spent matching candidates to the right roles that suit their needs, skill set and career goals. Don’t settle for less, make sure you understand the role fully and the opportunities it could open for you in the future.

4. Would you cope well with the change?

Before, I mentioned about making sure relocating would work for your family, but would it work for you? Do you cope well with change? We can all admit to finding change difficult, especially when it not only involves a new job but moving to a new place. It can be overwhelming at the best of times, so make sure you do your research. A good idea would be to make a list of all the things you will have to change in order to make the move. Are they achievable in your timeframe and budget?

5. Is the salary worth it?

A pay rise ALWAYS sounds like a good idea, right? Being tempted by the pay packet is easy because you finally feel like you are getting the money that you deserve. However, when relocating there are often plenty of hidden costs that candidates only realise once it’s too late. Do your own research, but when relocating the pay increase you see is sometimes because the area and the cost of living is higher. This means that you may not even see the extra cash because it will be going on the house you’re moving into, food you buy etc. Do the math first!

6. Are there other job opportunities?

Are you potentially moving to a location where there are hardly any other job which will put a huge amount of pressure on the job itself. What if you decide that you don’t like the job 6 months in? Are there a lot of similar roles in the area that you could apply for? You don’t want to move to an area where there are little opportunities to progress to unless it really is the ideal role for you.

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