The biggest trends predicted for the hospitality industry in 2021

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As another year begins, we asked our hospitality specialists to give their predictions on the technology trends that they think will impact the hospitality sector over the coming year. Below are the top 5 predictions for 2021.

1. Blockchain:
Blockchain technology is fast becoming an important part of the hospitality industry, providing security and stability for businesses across the globe. Payments are simplified, making the process more streamlined and transparent, increasing trust.

2. Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence has the ability to carry out tasks traditionally carried out by humans. Improvements in this kind of technology have enabled us to streamline processes, provide valuable insights and optimise experiences, paving a new wave of responsive, guest-centric hospitality.3. 3.

3. Social Listening:
Social listening is like having a superpower. If, as a brand, you can listen to what people are saying about you and use it to better your service to customers than you can create an unrivalled business.

4. Biometrics:
The introduction of biometrics in the hospitality industry allows for better security in regards to access, distinguishing proof and employee management. Using human characteristics to authenticate users who wish to gain access into computers and security systems, user activity can be tracked and misuse monitored.

5. Chatbots & Messaging:
With the use of instant messaging, online chat services and chatbots, the ability to connect with guests is becoming easier and more effective. You can now send suggestions, promotions, and information to customers to improve your service and increase in your brand.

So there you have it! The top 5 technology trends for the hospitality industry in 2021, handpicked by our specialists. Which one do you think is going to have the biggest impact?

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