The importance of employee recognition

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Being appreciated at work brings employees one step closer to being happier in the workplace. Employees respond to recognition of their hard work as it confirms that their work is valued and not gone to waste.

“57% of Leisure & Hospitality employees feel that their opinion only counts some of the time in the workplace.”

One of the benefits of employee recognition is that it can boost productivity levels in the organisation. If employees are recognised for their efforts, then they will gain the motivation to work harder knowing it will be recognised.

As well as productivity, employee recognition can also boost job satisfaction. If employees are rewarded and recognised for their hard work, they are likely to believe that the work they are completing carries a lot of importance. Individuals then begin to feel that they are making a difference to the organisation and strive to achieve even more.

“With a further 42% admitting to not receiving regular praise & recognition for the hard work they do.”

Employee recognition also generates loyalty. If employees are engaged with your organisation, they have the ability to promote and sell the brand much better than someone who seems to be disconnected from the company.

At the simplest level, employee recognition needs to be about the process of communication from management to employee for a ‘job well done’.

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