What it’s like to work at Detail2

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What it’s like to work at Detail2

I work on the Business Support team here at Detail2. It’s a small team- just me and Sarah (My manager) but our role in the business is a vital one. This post will give you a bit of an insight into Business support and actually the office as a whole.

Our main duties are:

To create and post all jobs (Our recruiters are very lucky as in most companies they have to do it themselves!)

  • To maintain the company database
  • To answer every incoming call and respond to emails
  • To make sure all stationary, printer ink or more importantly COFFEE is replenished when empty
  • We also get involved in Head- Hunting

But our jobs are about SO much more than that! We have to maintain relationships with both our clients and candidates and we do lots of little things too. We always have a drawer full of goodies, a shoulder to cry on, a laugh for a bad joke, a quick mind for problem solving and sometimes give out the occasional back rub!

We have to know about every aspect of the recruiter’s jobs as well as our own, as we need to be the people with all the answers. Anyone from the Directors, to the Marketing team, can come to us with an issue they are having and we help them to work out the best way to get around it.

The stationary room is a very weird place… Everything happens in that room. You store your coats, the cleaning products, including Henry (The Hoover), the stationary, the printer and the shredder, but often when you have been sat at your desk, staring at your screens for hours- all the pent up energy comes out when you get up to go to the printer! Natasha dances in there and wishes there was a mirror! The other consultants like to make phone calls there for a bit of privacy- there’s usually lots of pacing!

We have two boardrooms and a reception /coffee room with a comfy sofa and a table and chairs. The small boardroom is the COLD room. You’ll see anyone who goes in there take a jumper- especially in the winter! The larger one can fit us all (just about) and we have our quarterly meetings in there- usually accompanied by snacks… lots and lots of snacks! The Consultants also use these rooms to make important phone calls- to have meetings and to make conference calls.

We also have our Sandwich Man Roberto! He comes most days with trays of sandwiches, chocolate bars, fruit, crisps, drinks- it’s always the highlight of the morning! He recently went to Scotland and now he sometimes wears a Kilt to work… Which is fun!

As an office we are quite a small, tight- knit team and there is always someone to go to the pub with after work- whether you are celebrating or commiserating! Going out in Altrincham, you never know what to expect! Whether we are at the Cheshire Tap or the Old Roebuck, we make it our own and have such a laugh.

We also have team building days which are always fun and sometimes challenging! So far in my time here we have done an escape room, had an adventure day out at Sale Water Park, Meat fest at Fazenda, Beer Pong at Roxy Ballroom, Darts at Flight Club and a day out at Chill Factor-e! We are pretty spoilt!

Fridays are the best- Not only because of the weekend but because we get to finish at 4!

Back at the office- this sounds like a really cheesy thing to say but our view is AMAZING. We are on the 5th floor and on a clear day you can see all the way to the Pennines! You can see the weather before it happens and you can see all the way to Manchester too. The office is really open (No desk cubicles in sight) and Business Support sit right in the middle of the action!

Altrincham is a great place to work too. There are some great places to get lunch and shopping on the high street, there is usually a shop you can get what you are looking for. It’s really convenient at Christmas time for last minute buys or birthday presents throughout the year.

Speaking of Birthdays- you will get a present- it will be alcohol – and you will be sang to! It’s the rules! We take responsibility for collecting money and buying the presents. You can check out our Instagram page to see some of the gifts and ‘birthday smiles!’

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