Why you should learn to love LinkedIn

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Why you should learn to love LinkedIn

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate or a high flying executive, a professionally written LinkedIn profile can assist in opening the doors to new opportunities and networks.

Before LinkedIn appeared it was near enough impossible to connect directly with potential hiring managers, bosses or other individuals who share similar job titles to your own. Now, not only can you create an online marketing profile but with one click, you can begin virtually networking.

Below we have listed our reasons of why you should learn to love LinkedIn and how it could benefit you in the future.

  • Allows you to create a positive first impression

When a hiring manager or recruiter first reads your profile, they will typically make their opinion of you within the first 20 seconds.

A professionally written and fully completed profile, including up-to-date information about your experiences, skills and personal attributes will automatically grab the reader’s attention and could make a positive first impression before being given the opportunity to meet in person.

Also, don’t forget to upload a picture to your profile! This will help humanise your profile and allow recruiters to put a face to the name. But remember, keep it professional. A potential employer does not want to see a photo of you after 1 too many beers…

  • Allows you to be found

You may not be looking for a new role at this moment in time, but some companies are beginning to use LinkedIn when it comes to hiring or headhunting new talent.

A complete profile with the right keywords is essential so that new opportunities can easily come to you.

  • Allows you to network

A LinkedIn profile gives you the option to get involved in forums, join groups and meet some like-minded people.

You are able to search various companies and professionals and connect with them. LinkedIn allows you to search for competitors or make new industry connections which are key to enhancing your career in today’s market.

  • Allows you to build your online credibility

LinkedIn gives users a tool that allows you to request and post recommendations from other LinkedIn users who have worked with you professionally.

Being able to post and receive recommendations from past peers or employers will boost your online credibility which is then perceived as a positive attribute by recruiters.

Not only does LinkedIn allow you to do all of the above, it most importantly allows you to build your own online brand. You can now add videos and images to your summary and experience fields on your profile to give recruiters a visual picture of what you have achieved in your previous roles.

Why not also take a look at our previous post on how to recruitment-proof your social media accounts – You want to make the right impression first time across all your social platforms!

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