The transition from working temp to perm roles – 6 months in:

6 months into my time with Detail2, and having made the transition from temp recruitment to perm recruitment, it feels like an ideal time to take a step back and analyse the successes, areas for improvement and overall differences following the move.

The differences in temp to perm:

Having always worked in Hospitality, both operationally for 8 years and as a temp recruiter for 4 years, the most obvious change when slotting into perm recruitment is the work life balance. Although I still have a work phone, I’m still in contact with candidates out of traditional office hours, but these conversations are very different from what they once were. Now, calls are very much retention led or providing a candidate with some prep information ahead of an interview. Previously, they were all about making sure someone had a tie or the right coloured shirt for their shift that had most likely already begun and they were running late for!

The importance of good communication between a consultant and their candidate remains crucial in both processes, but as I now deal with 5-10 candidates closely, as opposed to 300-400 a day, the quality of that communication is able to massively improve, allowing me to add more value to the candidate process and thus in turn improve their reliability and quality... in theory!

In many aspects the roles are very similar:

  • A candidates CV arrives in front of you either through an application or from sourcing them yourself.
  • A screening call/interview occurs.
  • The candidates suitability for the role is assessed and should they be suitable and interested then they are put forward.
  • Feedback is obtained from the client and the candidate and the application moves forward.

With those initial steps remaining very similar, it enables the transition to at least feel quite seamless at this stage. After all, it’s still hospitality and a Head Chef is a Head Chef.

However, it is from here that you begin to notice the changes... The process is a lot more thorough. In the temp world, a candidate is sent over and as long as they turn up to their shift, the job is pretty much done and you swiftly move on to the next one. In the perm world, once that CV is submitted, the hard work is only just beginning. The interview processes can be a slow and arduous time, 2/3/4 stages, decision makes on holiday, fee reluctance... and that’s just the client side.

You have to manage the candidate side too:

  • Have they got other interviews?
  • Do they really want to move or just looking for a counter offer and pay rise from their current employer?
  • Will they lose engagement?

The list goes on. From the first call through to the candidate starting, their position can sometimes be months and even when they begin that new role, the work doesn’t end. It’s in everyone’s interests for the candidate to be successful and so the first few months require weekly check in calls and the occasional bit of agony aunt work (if you know you know!)

The successes and those all important areas for improvement

After a whirlwind first few weeks filled with the usual tasks of meeting your new colleagues, learning the systems and buying in to the weekly breakfast club, it was quickly onto the phones, driving activity and building a pipeline. Being familiar with the quick pace of the temp market served me well and that urgency in pushing candidates forward and managing client’s timescales allowed me to delay allowed me to surpass my quarterly target and saw me settle very quickly into my new role.

A flurry of early placements and bringing on board some new clients meant that I hit the ground running, but that’s only the beginning. From there, expectations had been set and the push is on to continue at the same level. Being an ambitious individual and having a mindset of always wanting to finish first, whether it’s sending the most CVs a week or coming out on top in our weekly badminton matches, it’s vital to remain strong and positive even through the hard times.

As a recruiter, my ultimate success is in the hands of other people. After you’ve prepped, briefed, supported and done all you can to help someone find their new role, people are people and inevitably that phone call will come through from time to time, to let you know they’ve walked out of their job. How you handle this is the key. It’s easy to take it to heart, to doubt your abilities and let it affect you. I guess it’s easy to say don’t let it get you down, but if you follow your structure thoroughly then you can firmly say that you’ve done all you can do. People are probably the most volatile commodity to deal in and even the greatest plans can fail every now and then.

Why Detail2?

Having worked in recruitment for a family run company and a national business, the question is which option is better? The national chain has the wider ranging reach and the name that everyone knows, but on a day to day basis, you get bogged down in the politics of it. Structure and policies are great, but when you’re having to wait for days at a time to get the approval to work with a new client with the potential to bring in 6 figure sums worth of revenue, only for it then to be turned down by someone in a different office over 150 miles away, frustrations are quick to arise.

On the flipside, the family run company allows you to have quick wins, but then the training and support of the national company is usually nowhere to be seen.

In Detail2, I believe I have found the best of both worlds. From the very first meeting it was clear to see that this is a team all pulling in one direction. Although it is family owned, we reach nationwide. We have been established for over 17 years and have some exclusive relationships with some of the biggest names in the UK hospitality market. You are given the freedom to chase new clients and the support to give you the skills and knowledge enabling this to happen. We don’t settle for second best and are always striving to produce bigger and better results, analysing our strengths and working on where we can be even better.

It’s not all work work work though. In my short time with the company, we’ve already had a number of company days out having been to Flight Club, Quad Biking, Archery and plenty of nights out with many more planned. The culture and welcoming nature of the team as a whole make you feel at home from day 1. This is led from the Directors downwards. Everyone is approachable, happy to help and pull together to make the business successful as a whole. There are no selfish consultants simply out to line their own pockets and when new applicants are considered, they are very much evaluated and judged on their merits for work competence, but equally, what they will bring to the team and add personality wise.

The future is bright and we will continue to adapt and move forward. We have recently brought in flexible and remote working and are continually consulted on potential changes to improve working conditions.

The success, is in the Detail!

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