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The main difference between an interim employee and a contract worker is the level at which they operate and their employment categorisation. Interim employees are more likely to be paid directly by the company on a pro-rata basis or day rate, and will typically operate at a leadership or senior management level. Contracting is typically for professionals with a niche skill set and will usually be employed by their own limited company or via a third party agency (like us) on a set day rate.

As a contract recruitment agency, we identify and recruit professional contractors with niche skill sets across a diverse range of business sectors. With strong relationships, market insight and a vast network, our specialist contract recruitment team supply contractors within Supply Chain & Logistics, FMCG, Manufacturing & Engineering, Hospitality & Catering and Human Resources.

Contact our contract team for help with your recruitment needs or job search, or apply for available contract jobs today.

Ready to hire a contract worker?

Why choose Detail2recruitment?

As a contract recruitment agency, we have a database of candidates who are immediately available, with a wide range of skills and experience gained within the Supply Chain & Logistics, FMCG, Manufacturing & Engineering, Hospitality & Catering and Human Resources sectors.

We have been in the contract market for a long time and can demonstrate substantial market knowledge and understanding of business’s contract requirements, providing contact solutions to solve specific business problems.

Our consultants keep in regular contact with their contract candidates and are aware of their availability and trends in contract types and day rates, so they can provide you with up to date bench marketing and insights to support your hiring decisions. We are open about the process, managing expectations and identifying any risk involved.

We are flexible about methods of recruitment, that may change due to business conditions, a permanent role can turn into a contact role and we can support with either options.

We have a seamless payroll processing and reporting system, and provide the best technology platforms to support our contract workers and clients.

You need to work quickly having identified the need for a contractor, we can react to your timescales and can provide you with complimentary access to our video conferencing platform which can facilitate individual or panel meetings.

Why hire a contractor?

A contractor offers a flexible solution when a project arises that requires a specific skillset. Contractors are often paid a day rate for their services and can therefore be brought in on an ad hoc basis (often at short notice) to cover excess workloads, provide new skills or undertake projects  as and when needed. If the employer feels that the contractor didn’t fit in with the company culture or ethos, there is no need to bring them back once the contract has ended. Many businesses work with contractors during periods of change or transformation until the end results are established, after which a permanent recruitment process may begin.

A short term contractor can often fill a void between an employee exiting the business and their replacement starting. Sometimes even the best planned recruitment process doesn’t always go to plan and timescales can slip, or your preferred candidate is on a longer notice period. Having gaps in key leadership and managerial roles can cause real business issues.

Contractors bring a high level of skill, knowledge and experience in their particular field and can be brought in to assist permanent businesses on specific projects. Contractors work on either a fixed term basis or on a rolling contract, allowing the employer to make use of a niche skillset without having to commit to hiring a full-time employee when there will not be a longer term requirement.

Contractors are likely to have worked with many different companies on a range of diverse projects, allowing them to draw on a breadth of experience to tackle specific issues and processes. They can provide a unique perspective and a sense of creativity that existing employees may not possess.

  • Additional benefits and perks that are available for permanent employees don’t extend to contractors, such as holiday pay and national insurance contributions,  making a contractor hire more desirable in the short term
  • Training costs are minimal, if non-existent, as contractors are being brought into a company purely to fulfil a specific requirement and will therefore not have to immerse themselves in learning company processes or systems
  • Cost savings can be made on equipment as contractors typically use their own
  • Reduced administration costs – there is no PAYE or National Insurance contributions administration for contractors

As self-employed individuals, contractors are often highly self-motivated to complete a job to a high standard to ensure they’re paid correctly and on time. They are also often reliant on word-of-mouth for business referrals and therefore conscious of meeting or exceeding expectations.

From time to time organisations will have specific projects or schemes of work that needs to be completed and there isn’t the skills or expertise within the business. Often the project doesn’t warrant the expense or time of a permanent role. This is the perfect scenario for a contractor or interim worker to come into the organisation for a defined period of time, with the niche skills required to complete the project.

Looking to hire a contract worker?

Companies often thrive or fail based on the calibre of talent within their organisation. During challenging times identifying and securing the best talent is essential to staying ahead of your competitors.

Partnering with Detail2Recruitment allows you to avoid wasting countless hours sifting through hundreds of applicants, most of whom will not match your requirements. Instead we can deliver a fully qualified shortlist from the best talent in the sector who will add real value and drive your business forward. Many of the high calibre candidates we work with are exclusive to us, contact us today to see how your organisation can benefit from the exceptional talent we work with.

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