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Psychometric Testing for Recruitment – Personality Assessments

Reading Time: 7 minutes Psychometric testing for recruitment is becoming an increasingly valuable tool which allows you to improve both your hiring processes, retention of staff and bottom-line performance. Personality assessments are being used more frequently for all levels of hiring, and not just for senior level roles. Detail2Recruitment now provides a range of personality and ability psychometric assessments…

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Career changes don’t have to be daunting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Career changes don’t have to be daunting Last week we sat down with Ellie one of our Recruitment Consultants, on our Supply Chain & Logistics team to find out how her first couple of months at Detail2 have been. At Detail2 we recognise that behind our success, are our people, since we started in 2002…

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3 ways Technology

Importance of warehouses in the Supply Chain process

Reading Time: 3 minutes The importance of warehouses in the Supply Chain process Warehouses are a piece of the puzzle that customers often don’t see during the buying process, but everything they buy travels through the system and all counts towards their buying experience. International trade and e-commerce have been considered as the main reasons that the absorption rate…

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