The rise of Black Friday

All things Black Friday

The phrase ‘Black Friday’ is on the lips of every excited shopper and retailer across the globe!

The pre-Christmas day of commercial carnage originates from Philadelphia, USA, in the early 1950s, with retail giant Amazon bringing it to the UK in 2010.

What you can expect this year:

It’s hard to say for definite what you can expect this year as retailers like to keep things under wraps before the big day, although we do have some ideas.

If you know Black Friday, you know it makes sense to go for deals on high priced items like TVs, laptops, phones and white goods as the discount is sure to have a large fraction of the price knocked off.

This year, be sure to look out for deals on the new Iphones and Nintendo Switch and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the younger ones! Discounts could be seen on a range of toys such as the Hatchimals, Lol Dolls and Fingerlings.

Last year’s figures:

Across the 4 days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the UK spent £5.8 billion which saw a 15% rise on last year. Experts estimate that £1.27 billion was spent during the 24 hour black Friday period alone – a 16% rise on 2015.

The Black Friday craze has spread across the world. With an average of 9%, the UK falls short of other discounts offered across the globe with the United States averaging at 29% discount, France 26%, Germany 23% and Canada a whopping 36%!

What we learnt last year:

According to data from ChannelAdvisor, 64% of purchases took place on mobile devices – a 16% rise on 2015. Mobile has become the gateway to the ‘digital high street’ with retailers across the board reporting a jump in mobile transactions.

Worldpay, the payment service, said it processed 20% more online transactions than the previous year. They stated that global sales peaked at 16.01pm with a rate of 181 transactions per second!

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