Make your CV shine bright this Christmas

Are you comfortable in your current role or ready for a new challenge? Either way, having an up-to-date CV is a must.

Typically, job hunters begin to put their job search on hold during the Christmas period, but this is the perfect time to get your CV up-to-scratch to ensure you get noticed. Follow our 4 tips below to get you on your merry way!

1. Highlight your key achievements:

As the end of the year approaches and your next project begins, all your previous achievements can be easily forgotten. This is why it is important to note them down on your CV under your current role. They may not seem that important now but these achievements could be the things that make you shine brighter than other candidates in the future.

2. Make yourself contactable:

Always include contact details on your CV. There is nothing worse than applying for a role or signing up to an agency and not leaving your phone number or email address. Even if you are happy in your current role there is no harm in being reachable by consultants, this way you know you won't miss out on any suitable roles. 

3. Ready for a promotion at work:

December is the end of the financial year for a lot of businesses and managers have an incentive to meet their hiring budget before the year draws to a close. Sprucing up your CV could be the perfect opportunity to see what more you could be doing to land that promotion. The quicker you can raise awareness that you’re ready for the next challenge, the sooner something can be done to ensure you start 2020 off on the right foot.

4. To see what is missing from your skill set:

Making a list of the skills you have, and more importantly don’t have, will help you move forward and progress in your career. The list will help you visualise what you need to do to make yourself shine brighter than the rest. Why not use the Christmas period to think about what role you want to be in next and research what you need to do in order to get there.

Register your CV with Detail2 this Christmas and we will helpyou in finding that dream job for 2020 and beyond...


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