The gift of employee recognition

As the late night shopping hours begin and the office Christmas parties are well underway, the retail and hospitality industries are booming. Many of us forget about the workers as they take on more hours and later nights, just so we can do our Christmas shopping and have a bit of fun.

This is why employee recognition is so important at this time of year.

Employees respond well to recognition of their hard work and effort as it confirms to them that their work is appreciated and not gone to waste. They need to be reassured that the long days and long nights have been worth it.

Productivity levels have been proven to rise due to employee recognition. If an employee is recognised for the work they have completed, they are likely to work harder and come into work with a positive, motivated attitude.

Employee recognition can also have an effect on job satisfaction. This is especially important over Christmas time as many staff have been recruited just for the festive period.

If they are rewarded and recognised for their hard work, they then begin to feel that they are making a difference to the organisation and strive to achieve even more.

They may also consider coming back and applying for the role year-on-year or even looking into any permanent roles that may be on offer within the company. This generates loyalty to the organisation.

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