Why you should consider a career in hospitality

Here in the UK, the hospitality industry has grown faster than any other industry since 2008 and with the right government support, could create 500,000 new jobs by 2021!

We have to agree with the majority in that the shift work that may come with a role in hospitality can be tiring, but we have no doubt that we can change your mind after taking a look at these 7 reasons as to why you should consider a career in hospitality...

1.       Make people’s day

Whether you are a member of the front of house team, working behind the scenes or part of management, each member of staff in hospitality pays a part in making someone’s day that little bit better. Your business is all about people, and how you can make them happy.

2.       Room for creativity

Yes, it is a people orientated industry but there is lots of room to be creative in your approach to what you need to do. Whether its food, drink or an experience, you are creating a product where there is room to come up with new ways of making the process more enjoyable for your customers.

3.       Open the door to the world

Wherever you are in the world, there is a hospitality industry and the skills you learn from one country to another are readily transferable. A career in hospitality could easily be the key to discovering new countries, new people and new culture.

4.       Take on early responsibility

In hospitality, you can potentially work your way up the ladder very quickly. If you work hard, gain your qualifications, get on with colleagues (and most importantly customers) and show some initiative, you could find yourself in a senior position managing numerous people and projects!

5.       No more 9-5

Hospitality involves a great deal of variety, not only in relation to the hours you work, but also the work you complete during those hours. If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting up at the same time every morning, throwing on a suit and tie and making your way to the office... hospitality may not be the option for you.

6.       Great atmosphere

We understand that there may be colleagues who you may not get on with, but organisations in the hospitality industry are not going to hire people to serve their customers who are unfriendly and unhappy. This is why the hospitality is home to some of the most vibrant, lively and fun people that you will ever meet!

7.       Safe option

Even in shaky economic climates, the hospitality industry is relatively secure and can be seen as a safe bet. People are always going to need; food, drink and somewhere to get a good night sleep aren’t they?

Yes, hospitality may not be for everyone but if you think a career in hospitality could be the route for you, take a look at our latest opportunities here!

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