Everything you need to know about starting a career as a Chef

Working in the Hospitality sector provides excellent benefits whether it be in a restaurant or hotel, cruise ship or military ship or even the NHS. Making up for 4.2% of the UK’s investment into the economythere is never a better time to kickstart your career as a chef. With demand for Chef’s on the rise, there are plentiful routes and opportunities to progress.

If you consider yourself to be effective with time management, can work in a hot and pressured envinronments, then this article will inform you of how you can reach your carrer goal as a chef quickly and smoothly.

For those people who thrive on continuous improvement, passion for their work and a commitment to detail, being a chef is a role that will set you on a path of continuous learning, creativity and rewards as you progress.Working across physically demanding and diverse environments in the kitchen, you will be able to prove your craft by focusing your energy into each plate. Even better, your results can be tastefully enjoyed by diners who can offer you plentiful compliments on your work.  

What are the responsibilities involved as a Chef? 

When it comes to working as a chef across the hospitality sector, different organisations may set you different responsibilities based on their own desires however, the main qualities of a chef’s role would be: 

  • Constructing menus (meeting required nutritional standards) 
  • Ensuring stock-taking is done efficiently and replenished when needed 
  • Preparation of raw fish and meat 
  • Preparation of fruit and vegetables
  • Quality assurance across all dishes
  • Producing dishes to meet specific time-frames
  • Ensuring health, safety, hygiene and licensing rules are carried out at all times
  • Keeping track of paperwork and audits with high efficiency. 

How to become a Chef 

Although qualifications such as GCSE’s above C level in English and Mathematics are important in a job role, the route to become a chef is more a matter of experience and evidence of performance. To become a trainee chef, you don’t need any qualifications, however, some levels of catering qualifications are highly desirable. 

There are many ways you can gain experience to get on your way to becoming the type of chef you want to be, such as:  

  • Chef Apprenticeship
  • On-the-job training
  • Full time college course; 
    • Chef Cookery
    • Kitchen Training
    • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
    • Hospital and Catering 

As a trainee chef or entry level role, some of the roles you can begin your career in are ...

Once you have completed the necessary entry-level training and gained basic experience, it is your choice to decide what type of chef you would like to specialise in:


Responsibilities to complete day to day running in the kitchen alongside other chefs. Often requires a small amount of training and involves working under the Sous chef or line chef. 




Responsibilities to complete day to day running in the kitchen under he Head chef or Chef de Partie. May sometimes step in for them and delegate tasks to junior chefs.




Vital role in running your own section of the kitchen. Can often involve specialising in a specific area with reliance on you solely for delivery of an area or item. 




Delegates the day to day running of individuals on all levels beneath them and plays a vital role in decision making. Quality assurance checks play a paramount part of your role as often the next person to see the dish is the customer. 




Responsible not only for the entire kitchen and staff but often responsible for the operating management of multiple outlets and standards. 



Other specialised Chef roles include: 


Life as a chef is generally thrilling, exciting and very rewarding. It can often be a diverse career, having multiple routes, locations and specialisms to go by. As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to first gain the correct skills and qualifications across all fields and then go down the route of specialising in a particular part of the kitchen or management.

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