5 reasons why your company should use a recruitment consultancy

With Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister and the date to finally leave BREXIT fast approaching, companies are becoming more and more concerned with saving money and maintaining good revenue streams. As Richard Branson himself states, it is employees that are at the heart of a good business and it is the employees that sell your product or service to bring in this revenue.

This blog will inform you of why using professional recruiters is growing amongst companies and how recruitment agencies can help save money in the long term.

Internal recruiting is becoming a thing of the past and companies are beginning to see and experience the results of building a strong relationship with independent, specialist recruiters. Here are just some of the benefits that professional agencies, like Detail2, can bring to your company: 

1. Save costly time and money 

A critical reason as to why companies are switching to independent recruiters for their hiring process is due to the loss of time and money they are experiencing, which is ever more important as industries become more and more competitive.  

Statistically, half of all employment decisions result in a mishire which according to the REC can cost an organisation over £132,015 for a single management level role. It’s incredibly important to find the right talent, first time, saving you valuable time and money during the process.

Due to our market presence and fantastic network of candidates, on and off the market, we are able to gain access to the top talent and connect you with the most suitable to best fill your role. The longer it takes you to fill a role, the more productivity and profitability you are losing.

2. Identify the top candidates on the market 

It’s important to recognise that the best candidates for your role are not looking for you, you are looking for them. In a competitive market, candidates have more and more options to join your competition. This makes the margin for hiring the best candidates on the market small, so you should take advantage of a quick process to avoid losing out on the perfect candidates. Find out how long the hiring process should last. 

At Detail2Recruitment, we have experienced recruitment specialist across a range of industries from Hospitality and Catering to Supply Chain and Logistics. We have the proven know-how and experience to source any candidate you need for a range of positions nationwide.

As leading experts in the employment marketplace we can review any CV or resume and quickly match them to the right position. We speak to hundreds of candidates every week and there is always someone we can match to the perfect role.

3. Keep candidates engaged and expert negotiators 

All too often, top-skilled and in-demand candidates can carry the desire to negotiate when it comes to the final job offering. This can put you in a critical position as an employer whereby you must know your budget, boundaries and the reasonable amount to offer each candidate. Making the wrong decision here may earn you a great candidate but put your company at risk of high costs. 

As an added compliment to our ability to identify the top candidates, we also know the motivations of our candidates. With over a decade of experience, we know what candidate motivations are and we can use this to your benefit.

We know what the push and pulls are when it comes to encouraging the candidates to make the move to a new role. We are able to negotiate a Win-Win agreement to keep both you and your new employees happy and satisfied.  

4. Advertising and Marketing Professionals 

Recruitment has never been more competitive than it is now. Every role you advertise will attract a different individual which highlights the need for a tailored marketing and advertising strategy. This takes more time and more money out of your resources and needs to be given the attention and thought required for it to be a good return on investment.

Often we are told what makes us stand out here at Detail2Recruitment is how we represent your company to candidates both over the phone and through our ever-growing online presence. We have an excellent marketing team who work closely with our specialist recruitment consultants to create eye-catching, engaging content. We ensure job adverts are designed and tailored for the role and are viewed by candidates via our social media channels and vast email marketing campaigns.

It is our professional recruiting image that wraps the role we are advertising for you into a package of trust, quality standards, progressive needs and excitement in which candidates are immediately drawn in to.

5. Excellent Long-term Investment for the future 

Finally, we don’t just look to gain you access to one or two of our candidates. Once we establish a strong relationship with your company, we can keep you aware of the best candidates that come to the market which can push you above your competition in terms of hiring the best talent.

The more we get to know our clients, who they are and what they represent, the better we can connect you to the individuals you may just be missing from your team!  

If you’re looking to reach the best talent on and off the market, get in touch with us now



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