Psychometric Assessments in Recruitment

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For the last 20+ years, I have worked in and around HR and Recruitment, during that time, I’ve seen the impact a bad hire can have on an organisation and the people around them. Conversely, I’ve seen the impact a great hire has on a business performance and the people within that organisation.
We want to help your business achieve its full potential. The reports generated from these assessments are statistically correlated with high job performance and have the highest ‘predictive power’ and most reliable results in terms of the ability to assess a candidate’s aptitudes for a role.
We have developed the ultimate guide to Psychometric Assessments and how this can add value to your recruitment process. We identify the best assessments for your intended purpose from our variety of areas across personality, behaviour, aptitude and emotional intelligence.
We also offer an unrivalled candidate guarantee of up to 6 months outlined within the brochure.
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We turned to ChatGPT's AI Intelligence to validate the benefits of Psychometric Assessments!

Question: List the benefits of using psychometric assessment when hiring

ChatGPT Answer: Psychometric assessments can provide numerous benefits when used as part of the hiring process, including:

  • Objective evaluation: Psychometric assessments provide an objective and standardized method of evaluating candidates, reducing the risk of bias and subjectivity in the hiring process.
  • Increased accuracy: They can provide a more accurate measure of a candidate's personality traits, cognitive abilities, and job-related skills, compared to traditional interviews and resumes.
  • Time-saving: Psychometric assessments can help save time and resources by enabling employers to screen a large number of candidates quickly, reducing the time and cost associated with the recruitment process.
  • Enhanced job fit: The assessments can help identify candidates who have the potential to be successful in the role and fit with the company culture, resulting in higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
  • Predictive validity: Psychometric assessments have a high degree of predictive validity, meaning they can accurately predict future job performance, reducing the risk of a bad hire.
  • Legal defensibility: They can help provide legal defensibility by demonstrating that the hiring process was objective and based on valid and reliable criteria.

Overall, psychometric assessments provide valuable insights into a candidate's abilities and potential, helping employers make informed decisions and hire the right people for the job.