Psychometric Testing in Recruitment

Psychometric testing for recruitment is becoming an increasingly valuable tool which allows you to improve both your hiring processes, retention of staff and bottom-line performance.

What is a Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric testing in recruitment refers to a variety of tests and tools that measure a candidate’s suitability for a role or organisation.

There are a number of online tests that claim to be psychometric, but when you investigate what it is they assess and how they do it, they come up short on what you are looking to get out of it.

Those assessments are unlikely to be psychometric, even though they might claim to the contrary. Psychometric tests or assessments have a number of distinctive features which include:

Standardised administration

Meaning that the conditions for administering, scoring, and interpreting are consistent and done in a pre-determined manner.

Objective and consistent scoring & interpretation

Whereby different scorers (whether human or machine) would arrive at the same score for the same response across candidates, with little or no subjectivity in the process.

Evidence demonstrating their scientific reliability, validity and fairness

Meaning they measure what they set out to measure and aim to produce accurate scores without bias. Without some of these features, a test or assessment cannot claim to be psychometric and therefore the results will not be reliable when used for their intended purpose, which includes recruitment & selection.

When should you use Psychometric Assessment in recruitment?

  • If you currently use testing in your recruitment and selection, and want a better, more cost-effective solution.
  • You want to start using assessments for the first time.
  • You want to know what costs are associated with using assessment as part of your recruitment & selection.
  • If you do your own recruitment and want to incorporate assessment into the process.
  • If you use one company for assessments and another for the recruitment, and instead want to streamline the process so that one company does both the assessment and the recruitment.
  • If you want to increase the performance of your workforce and their contribution to your business bottom line.

How Psychometric Assessments will positively impact your recruitment & selection

  • More efficient and effective hiring, be clearer about what good looks like and take the “gut feel” out of the selection process.
  • Improved time to hire by getting it right first time, and not having to go back out to the market.
  • Standardise your hiring so that people are not recruited based on who the hiring manager is but based on organisational fit and their personality.
  • Improve retention rates; you are hiring the right people who stay longer, and staff do not leave as a result of being managed by a bad hire.
  • Improve your employer brand.
  • Add value to your business bottom line by hiring better, more motivated, more committed people.
  • Your customers are not interacting with a bad hire, negatively impacting your bottom line.
  • You do not waste recruitment, training and onboarding costs by accidentally hiring the wrong person

Understand more about our recruitment assessments and how the service works

Assessment Levels

Junior to Middle
Management Roles

Organisations who use a default selection process which defaults to the strength of a CV.

This type of interview process means that the hiring manager is likely to recruit people similar to themselves, which isn’t always a good thing!

There is a lack of science or predictive performance built into this type of interview process and the success of the new hire becomes a risky shot in the dark.

Senior and
Executive Roles

A typical C Suite recruitment process can range from default selection processes, to panel interviews with a group of leadership or board stakeholders.

The senior level recruitment we undertake is retained and we embed a relevant psychometric test in-between the first and second interviews.

We administer the psychometric tests to the candidates and once completed provide face-to-face feedback and deliver a bespoke report to stakeholders, detailing the test outcomes, along with suggested questions and areas for further exploration at second interview.


Assessment Practicalities


Typical psychometric tests can range in value from £100 to £5000, and whilst the perception can be to utilise them for high salaried roles only, the majority of people in an organisation are employed in junior to middle management roles, increasing the potential for a bad hire to damage the organisation to a greater extent than a senior level hire.

The cost of a bad hire can run into the tens of thousands, so it’s a small and very worthwhile investment to use some sort of psychometric testing for recruitment at lower level roles.

Free of Charge
Psychometric Assessments

At Detail2Recruitment we can offer market leading psychometric assessments free of charge, for roles that we recruit we can incorporate a psychometric assessment for up to 3 shortlisted candidates for no additional charge other than the recruitment fee itself.

For roles that organisations want to assess without using a recruitment agency, we provide a standalone assessment services that partners organisations direct hiring teams. Contact us to find out more about how this works.

Candidate Guarantee

For each client that incorporates personality-based psychometric testing into their recruitment and selection process, we are able to insure the cost of any resulting hire for a period of up to 12 months.

This is a complete guarantee that covers the cost of the full recruitment fee, should the hire not work out for any reason. We are able to offer this due to the accuracy and robustness of our psychometric testing, meaning that our clients have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from incorporating psychometric testing into their recruitment and selection processes at all levels of management.

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